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Jeremy M. Iandolo, Esq. graduated top of his class, from Western Michigan Law School, Thomas M. Cooley.  Since his commencement into the legal profession, he has had the honor of litigating in courtrooms, throughout multiple states and counties.  Mr. Iandolo is licensed in multiple states, in Texas (Inactive), Michigan and New York.

As a young attorney, he was mentored and litigated along-side some of the best.  At the onset of his career, Mr. Iandolo interned at a prominent civil defense firm, in Houston Texas (Inactive).  Whereby, he had the opportunity to defend large corporations; and many noticeable ones at that, such as:  Toy”r”us & Target.   From there, he moved north, to Michigan. Spending sometime there, he interned and working alongside noticeable criminal defense and personal injury attorneys. After sitting second chair on cases from drugs to murder, he had had the opportunity to defend his own clients.  J. Iandolo’s initial criminal clients ranged from theft, drugs crimes, to arms charges.   After many favorable outcomes for his clients, and years of experience, J. Iandolo Law, continues its dedication to the legal profession.

In recent years, J. Iandolo Law, has expanded its practice to include civil litigation as well.  Currently, J. Iandolo represents a variety of business.  The firms’ representation is limitless, as it relates to its corporate clients representation. From start-ups to wind-downs and all aspects in between: from breach of contract to FINRA arbitrations – and everything in between.

Mr. Iandolo’s experience also encompasses all aspects of civil litigation, including personal injury, from automobile accidents to jobsite injuries.  Mr. Iandolo is dedicated to working with his clients, and assuring them the best legal representation.  He prides himself, on honesty and integrity.

In sum, Mr. Iandolo focuses his practice on what he knows. Mr. Iandolo’s extensive courtroom experience, gives him the upper-hand from the onset of a case.  As stated herein, J. Iandolo is versed in many disciples, ranging from civil litigation to vigorous criminal defense. He understands the dos and don’ts, and can effectively find an angle to succeed.


At the law office of J. Iandolo Law, every case is prepared as if it’s being taken to trial.


“It has taken years to obtain the legal rights we enjoy today and J. Iandolo Law intends to protect those rights for you.”



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